Our water filtration business started in 1995. It all started with the realization that tap water just wasn't good and bottled water could be even worse. It all started with one man offering the products to his family and friends and through the word of mouth our business started to grow. With that came the creation of the website WATERGLORY.COM We are a family based business and we love what we do by helping people educate themselves and enjoy healthier lives. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution according to the water in your region and your needs.


Safe, Smart, Accurate

ShabHOT Controller


1. Enjoy Oneg (pleasure) of Shabbos –especially during the winter Invite guest on Shabbos and save money on disposable dishes

2. Save energy by turning off the boiler at night or when your family and you are out of town

3. Use hot water to wash your hands and dishes during the Shabbos

4. Protect your kids by preventing scalding



A water pump (a) is being installed between the cold inlet and the hot outlet to circulate the water in the tank, thus allows us to get a constant temperature within the tank from top to bottom.

The probe (b) that reads the temperature is electronic and accurate, thus allows us to keep the temperature "below Yad Soldes Bo" accurately.



Using hot water on Shabbos, will not directly set the fire and the water temperature will never go above “Yad Soldes Bo”.

In case of a blackout –the unit keeps the time and temperature by remaining on Shabbos Mode

 ShabHOT Inside The The Tank