Our water filtration business started in 1995. It all started with the realization that tap water just wasn't good and bottled water could be even worse. It all started with one man offering the products to his family and friends and through the word of mouth our business started to grow. With that came the creation of the website WATERGLORY.COM We are a family based business and we love what we do by helping people educate themselves and enjoy healthier lives. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution according to the water in your region and your needs.

"I love the Shabbat Water Heater, I save money now when no one is showering and at night when my family is asleep”

“The Shabbat Mode makes my wife happy...Now I can control the water temperature”

Feldman J.


“I love the automatic ignition”
“My wife and I love the Shabbat Mode”

“The temperature is always consistent and I feel safe when the kids take showers” 

Sinreich R.

“We had guests for my daughter’s wedding weekend and the they were thrilled to use hot water on Shabbat!”

“My wife doesn’t stop talking about this new addition to our life” 

Olitsky H.


“Now I can invite guests for Shabbat dinner without using paper plates”!!!

Friedman M.

“Unbelievable, I don’t know how we ever managed without the Shabbat Water Heater!”

“Ishar Coach”