Standard Series Reverse Osmosis pure water system with Booster Pump Waterglory's low cost Reverse Osmosis pure water system w/pump enable our customers to be save more money on their reverse osmosis systems. Best selling Reverse Osmosis pure water system w/pump assembled in the USA for quality assurance All systems come w/metal tank, regular long reach faucet, installation supplies kit and special faucets are available

Membrane: TFC 100 GPD (NSF listed) Pre-filter: 5 Micron Sediment (SF-1005 K) (NSF list) Pre-carbon: GAC (UDF-10) Carbon: Carbon block (91200/N) Post carbon: GAC inline (AIC-RO) Booster pump: CDP 6800 Tank: 3.2 Gal. storage tank TKE-3200W (NSF list) Faucet: FLR-300CP.NSF, available in different finishes and colors All quick connect fittings Quick and reliable installation Fully assembled Optional: Chrome plated ceramic disc faucet

Actual unit may vary from picture displayed.

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