PURA-5 Counter Top Reverse Osmosis pure water system 1- Filter Lifetime Indicator
2- TDS Value
3- Operating Signal
4- Membrane Flush
5- Pressure Tank Full
6- Low Inlet Water Pressure
7- High TDS Warning
8- Change Filter Warning
9- Leakage Warning & Shut Off

The “SMARTROL” is an easy to use controller for the PURA5 advanced R.O. system. A large LCD screen with an easy to understand interface makes this state-of-the-art unit user friendly. With safety features including leak detection with automatic shutoff and an audible alarm you can lower your liability. Filter life indicators for all five filters, TDS monitoring, and 24V DC connections for a booster pump, solenoid valve, and high and low pressure switches, the “SMARTROL” controller from Aquasys will put you ahead of the competition!

Low and high pressure detection w/ time delay Filter life monitoring for up to five filters Automatic membrane flush, 5 seconds every four hours Leak detection with automatic shut off Overload protection (3 amps)

UV System: SST 1PM (UV-SS101). 110V, 220V
Booster pump: 110V/60HZ, and 220V/50HZ
Membrane: 75GPD, 100GPD

Actual unit may vary from picture displayed.

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Standard Series Reverse Osmosis pure water system Waterglory's low cost STD series Reverse Osmosis pure water system enable our customers to be save more money on their reverse osmosis systems. High quality components, each system individually tested, NSF listed TFC membrane, NSF metal storage tank. Assembled in USA.

Membrane: TFC 100 GPD
Pre-filter: 5 Micron sediment (SF-1005K) (NSF list)
Pre-carbon: GAC (UDF-10)
Carbon: Carbon block (91200/N)
Post carbon: GAC inline (AIC-RO)
Metal tank: TKE-3200W(NSF list)
Faucet: FLR-300CP, available in different finishes and colors
All quick connect fittings
Quick and reliable installation
Fully assembled
Chrome plated ceramic disc faucet

Actual unit may vary from picture displayed.

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